Recycling Services

automotive-recyclingIn the United Kingdom each year, around 50 million tyres are discarded from Motor Vehicles, whether they are cars,light trucks, heavy trucks, agricultural tractors, industrial fork-lifts, earthmover tyres, or whether they are just bicycle or motorcycle tyres.

Whatever they are, they combine to make an overall tonnage of over 400,000 tonnes annually all of which need to be collected, treated, and delivered to reprocessors for recycling.

Vellco Tyre Control can offer direct collections and/or a managed collection services from all UK postcodes.

UK Environment Agency Regulation

Under the UK’s Environment Agency Regulations concerning the collection and recycling of Waste there are many complex and varied systems and procedures to comply with. Overall the Duty of Care principal requires the producer of the waste, whether Controlled or Hazardous, to know where the waste is being taken to and additionally what happens to it.

For some waste, notably Hazardous Waste, it is also a legal requirement to be registered as a Producer of Hazardous Waste. Vellco can register your premises for peace of mind and also manage your varying needs for both Controlled and Hazardous Waste in a way which ensures compliance and legality with all current UK legislation requirements.

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Agricultural / Tractor


Automotive Recycling Services

Waste Oil

Over 500 million litres of waste oil are produced each year in the UK. Waste used oil is classified as Hazardous, and as such any Producer needs to be Registered with the EA. Vellco can manage collections from either 205ltr drums or oil tanks.

Used Oil Filters

Waste used oil filters are classified as Hazardous Waste.They need to be separately contained in a UN approved container with a lid.

Catalytic Converters

Catalytic Converters have been fitted on most cars for some years now and the replacement market is growing each year. Vellco can offer a collection for CATS (minimum quantity 10pcs) weekly but other schedules can be arranged by whereby a credit will be paid to the customer for all ‘FULL’ CATS subject to inspection.

Trade Waste / Paper Recycling

General Dry Trade Waste is a controlled waste but requires regular clearance especially from busy sites. The normal collection frequency is weekly but other schedules can be arranged by Vellco depending on customer requirements.

Lead Acid Batteries

Lead acid batteries are classified by the EA as Hazardous and as such must be kept in a container, which prevents any leakage of battery acid to the floor.

Lead acid Batteries Brake Fluid / Coolant / Oily Rags / Mixed Fuels All

The generation of brake fluids from brake servicing work; antifreeze from radiator overhauls and/or servicing; oily rags from oil changes and general servicing; mixed fuels from diesel or petrol fuel system servicing – all require separate and specific containment. As part of the overall Vellco Automotive Waste Management Service we can organise and manage these services.