Casing Sales

Vellco’s expertise within the demanding world of tyre casings is well proven over fifty years. Vellco can supply part worn casings of all types & sizes in varying quality grades to anywhere across the world. Distance is no object to our company.

Our strength relies on building personal relationships with every customer we deal with, where you call in to meet us, see our working practices, and discuss business in a mutually friendly environment, with “passionate tyre people” and the “warmest of welcomes”.


Casing Sales Vellco Tyre Control


Used Casings For All Needs

Vellco recognises that different markets require different needs, and whether your need is for a higher or lower grade Vellco can deliver – just tell us what you are looking for, along with the quality you require.

We have availability in first life as well as remould truck & commercial casings in a variety of brands. We also have supply available in Passenger Car, 4×4, and Van – as casings and profile across many sizes and brands. (NB – Car/4×4/Van casings are for UK Remoulding or export only**)