About Us

Vellco Head Office (all departments) is located in the rural village of Weaverthorpe, (Near Malton). North Yorkshire, (UK) about 40 miles East of York & 17 miles West of Bridlington. Vellco Tyre Control is a trading division of Vellco Limited – an extremely professional and diverse Private Limited Company.

We are a completely independent Casing Company, involved in the procurement, grading, Sales, and Purchases of Casings across any tyre product types including Car, Van, Truck, Agricultural, Industrial & EM.

We also manage the collection of automotive waste from a variety of blue chip UK customers.



Environmentally Aware

Vellco is very aware & conscious of the environment around us, and to that end, we continuously monitor ways in which we can reduce environmental pollution.


This covers items such as using modern efficient diesel engines in our trucks, and maximising route efficiencies in order to reduce miles-per-gallon, as well as a host of in-house initiatives to re-use, and recycle wherever possible.

During 2012, Vellco Limited announced that, as a business, it is “Carbon Neutral”, and this has been maintained into 2013 and beyond.

As a highly professional company, Vellco is extremely aware of all aspects of Health and Safety legislation, and follows all guidelines and practices in this regard.

On site training is managed on a regular basis covering many work place hazards and situations.

This area also covers emergency response procedures, major incident preparedness as well as contingency planning for managing fire risk.

Vellco is visited regularly by both EA & HSE, which also serves to ensure that we keep up to date with all changing regulations.



Vellco is an active & supportive Full Member of the Tyre Recovery Association & TIF Responsible Recycler Scheme. We possess full ISO 14001 Environmental Accreditation (Only UK Company in the Casing Sector to hold this Certification).

NTDA Environmental Award Winners 2004, 2007, 2009, 2011 (nominated 2013). (Only Company in our Sector to have won this award 4 times.!)

Vellco holds all relevant licences required by legal & environmental UK bodies in this trading sector,including:

– Environmental Permit (EPR)
– Waste Carriers Licence (C/B)
– Operators Competence Certificate

Vellco supports the UK Environment Agency Waste Hierachy for “recycling tyres” as follows:

  • Reduce – lower the amount of actual waste produced. (Using original tyre to legal minimum – regrooving truck tyres)
  • Reuse – re-using materials repeatedly (ie, retreading for car & truck tyres)
  • Recycle – using materials from tyres to make new products (production of rubber crumb, steel recycling, fibre recycling)
  • Recovery – recovering energy from waste (use of tyres as a fuel in cement kilns)